Wonthaggi Desal Plant Gutters

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In a departure from traditional on-site construction, Kubale Constructions was awarded the contract for the manufacture of large guttering modules for the roof at the Wonthaggi Desalination Plant. Rather than constructing them in-situ, our facility was fitted with custom designed jigging and equipment to handle the job in-house.

The production schedule demanded by the principal contractor (Theiss) fluctuated greatly. It was necessary that we produce the modules in-step with the building schedule of the plant at Wonthaggi; delays were not accepted.

Simply handling the modules safely was difficult because each 8-metre steel section weighed over 500kg. Works included lining the modules with copper treated ply followed by a seam welded PVC membrane (technique new to AU). We were required to learn new techniques and develop our own production methodology to maintain quality and increase production output as demanded.

We hit every deadline imposed by this aggressive schedule while maintaining excellent quality in workmanship.

Construction Techniques Employed
  • Custom in-house jigging and repetitive manufacturing techniques
  • Handling of 8 metre x 500 kg massive steel and timber structures
  • Large scale adhesive application and long continuous seam welding
  • Tight scheduling and the ability to scale up and down

"We keep choosing Kubale for our projects because they take ownership of challenges as they arise. We're growing with them, and their culture of honesty is rare, and a relief in this game."

Industrial Maintenance Client

"On behalf of the President and Members of the Lions Club of Warragul, I would like to thank you for your assistance and professional support during the construction of our new facilities. Your expertise and advice was most valuable."

Jeff Tolley
Secretary, Lions Club

"I am writing to provide positive feedback for the workmanship and the professional work you and your team are doing on site. Specifically, you’ve done an excellent job in Morwell and the engineers have no comments or concerns for the slab works."

Name withheld – project in progress
Superintendent Representative

"I would highly recommend Kubale Constructions for any large or technical building project. Their experience, professionalism and communication make working with and managing their contract simple and frustration free.”

Senior Project Engineer
, Baw Baw Shire
, Theiss