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Kubale - operating for over 25 years

Kubale Constructions commenced in the late 1990s and has been operating for over 25 years. We now perform head-contract management on commercial and industrial projects throughout Victoria.

With a youthful and progressive culture where self-improvement is valued, our staff are encouraged to promote and embrace change. The Kubale Constructions logo is now a recognized symbol for delivering public and commercial projects to the community, developers, government and industry.

Our flexibility in delivery models gives us agility, yet we take a conservative approach to risk. Our facilities are based in Warragul where we work from our dedicated offices, yard and factory. It’s here that we operate advanced technology in our joinery which gives us a strategic and cost advantage.

We service the Victorian construction market in various industry sectors, with strengths in:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Government
  • Maintenance
  • Joinery
Who we are


Everyone is responsible for leading in a culture that rewards initiative, so we’re all responsible to show leadership in both our own performance and in leading others by example. This ethos is expected on major decisions for projects, and on the tiniest gestures within our workplaces.

We’re also big on personal accountability, so each major activity within the business is led by a manager who is responsible for the performance of their team. We operate a decentralised HR model that requires our team leaders to coach and train their staff to develop the skills of those who answer to them. Only then can they be truly responsible for team outcomes.

When clients talk to our team leaders, they’ve got someone who’s an experienced construction professional, exceptional at their role. Ideally, we invest in our staff and recruit from within. On occasions, we go to market seeking specific skills from the industry to power growth or change.

Tim Kubale
Tim Kubale
Anthony Magnuson
Anthony Magnuson
Operations Manager
Michael Bell
Michael Bell
Snr Project Manager
Kerry Edwards
Kerry Edwards
Project Manager
Debbie Standfield
Debbie Standfield
Admin Manager
Chris Duff
Chris Duff
Estimating Manager
Rob Harrap
Rob Harrap
Joinery Manager
Dion Bright
Dion Bright
Systems Manager
"We’ve got some seriously talented people around us here, and it’s such a pleasure. The team feels very united, and I can see it in their performance and our customer’s feedback. This is going to be a great year."
Anthony, Operations Manager
Anthony Magnuson - Operations Manager

Delivery Models

Kubale Delivery Models

We work across a range of delivery models tailored to suit our clients’ needs. These models can be customised to suit the stage of the project, and the nature of the relationship our clients require including:

  • Design & Construct (D&C)
  • Construction by contract
  • Construction management
  • Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) including construction budgeting
  • Hourly Rate + Expenses (HRE) or contracted scope
  • Maintenance contracts
“It’s always reassuring to hear how much Kubale Constructions are trusted. I’m one of the newer members, but it’s already clear this is a great place to grow my career.”
Jordan, Site Manager
Delivery Models

Project Management

Integrated Management System

We’re very good at Project Management.

We’ve been doing this for decades and have developed and recruited ‘talent and skills’ around a belief that good people, well empowered, make excellent decisions. We’ve built a reputation for delivering on our promises based on the pillars of our project management:

  1. Exceptional planning with an eye for cost efficiencies
  2. Open and honest communication with project stakeholders
  3. Genuine relationships with our staff, our subcontractors, and our suppliers
  4. Diligent risk mitigation
  5. Focus on safety, quality and the meeting the programme

By preferencing team members who live with proximity to each job, we bring local experience and cost efficiencies that can only come from long term relationships with our suppliers. These relationships are built on mutual benefit, fairness, and trust.

Our project management expertise includes:

  • Design and construction programming
  • Cost minimisation strategies
  • The soft skills of communication and negotiation
  • The hands-on experience to pre-empt and mitigate risk
  • Agile resources capable of meeting changing demands
  • Management of safety and environmental outcomes
  • Budget, time and quality management
  • Dedicated contract administration for effective subcontractor and supply management
  • HR and IR expertise
  • Social inclusion targets
“I’ve worked with the big national builders before, and I’d never go back. This construction team is dynamic, and I can make change and own it. I’ve also felt supported when I’ve had difficulty, so my family and I are very happy that I joined Kubale Constructions.”
Sam, Contracts Administrator
Project Management

Community Engagement

We're very proud to support two organisations that contribute to our shared wellbeing in Australian communities. For years, we've been making monthly donations to these organisations from profits generated from our construction activities.

The Wilderness Society

The Wilderness Society

Kubale Constructions are based in regional Victoria, set amongst the farming and primary industries that support our community. We're also located very close to the wilderness that supports the lifestyle and pastimes of many of our staff, suppliers and subcontractors. We choose to support the Wilderness Society because of their impeccable credentials and iconic status in Australia for protecting our environment, the waterways, and the natural habitats of native animals.

Royal Flying Doctor Service

Royal Flying Doctor Service

Many of our staff have a personal connection to the Australian outback, and we understand how critical this iconic service is to remote communities. We feel an affinity with Australians living in the outback, and we're quietly proud to be a regular donor to the Royal Flying Doctor Service who provide critical health care wherever it's needed.

Community Connection

Community Support

For decades now, we've been supporting those small organisations that are a big part of the communities where we build. This includes sporting clubs, dance schools, theatre groups, Lions Club and even individual people in need. Sometimes this support is financial, sometimes it's lending a hand or work experience, and sometimes it's involvement on committees and boards. Over the years, we've also donated our time and building resources to local organisations that need a hand with maintenance or improvements. We see this activity as essential and part of our culture.

Acknowledgement of Country

Acknowledgement of Australia's First Nations People

Equality, fairness, and truthfulness are important to Kubale Constructions as critical parts of our team culture. We acknowledge the First Nations People of Australia as the traditional owners of the land we operate on. We recognise their unbroken and continuing connection with this land and we pay our respects to their Elders, both past and present.