Our Culture

What has over 25 years in construction taught us about how to exceed client expectations? We’ve learned that it’s almost all about the people on your team. We’ve found that if we find the best people, treat each other with respect, and focus on a culture of self-improvement, accountability, and reward-for-success…we can thrive. We’ve also learned that we need to choose our projects carefully and invest in our relationships with existing clients.

So, this is our culture in a nutshell…it’s youthful, it’s entrepreneurial, it’s team oriented, and it’s about trust and supporting each other. No one person has built this alone; we’ve done this together through decades of hardship and success, and we work on it daily. I’m very proud to be part of this team, and I’d welcome anyone who feels their career might be better with us to get in contact.

"I’m very proud to be part of this team, and I’d welcome anyone who feels their career might be better with us to get in contact."
Tim Kubale, Director
Tim Kubale, Director


If you’re focussed and keen to work hard, consider applying to join our team. We’re looking for talent all the time, (even when we’re not actively advertising) in the following fields:

  • Carpentry (including apprenticeships)
  • Site Management
  • Project Management
  • Estimating
  • Contracts Administration
  • Cabinet Making
  • Joinery Drafting and Design
  • Office Administration

If you’re motivated, and have the initiative, you might find your career path at Kubale Constructions. Contact us now to enquire.

“I’ve never been so motivated as I am at work right now. I started my apprenticeship with Kubale straight after I left school and finished last year. It’s an amazing environment to work in and I'm learning new things every day. My manager is helping me plan my career to become a Site Manager one day.”
Connor, Qualified Carpenter & Leading Hand
David, Qualified Carpenter & Leading Hand

I joined at the completion of my apprenticeship and haven’t looked back. Now I'm qualified, there’s a lot of variety in the commercial work I'm doing so I never get bored and am constantly learning new methods and techniques. I've made some really good mates here ... it's great.

Corey Van Heurck – Leading Hand

This was a big step-up in my career as Site Manager, but the support from my manager has been awesome and I’ve been trusted to make big decisions. Socially, it’s pretty good too. We have lots of functions and we all get along really well!

Daniel Jones – Site Manager

I’ve been helping grow this company for a very long time, and one thing has remained consistent during that time … leave your ego at the door. It’s a place where good ideas are valued, no matter where they come from.

Dion Bright – Systems Manager

I joined Kubale Constructions shortly after they landed a large commercial contract over 12 years ago. The company was clearly going to grow very quickly, and I was asked to help make changes to the systems that were required to administer the construction projects. I was not a construction expert, but the directors trusted me and I was given a lot of scope to contribute to big decisions around investment, assets, IT and staffing.

What has stood out to me over those years, is the appetite for change and new ideas. I’ve seen lots of talented people join and contribute their fresh ideas to the business and advance their careers. While our staffing has grown, our project throughput has grown much more, so we’re more efficient with what we have. The opportunities seem to keep getting bigger, and I think if we apply the same balance of risk & caution, and maintain our youthful culture, we’ll do just fine.

The construction industry offers people incredible career opportunities, so I highly recommend it.

I can’t believe how much I’ve done in just a few years! I came here only 6 months after leaving school, and now I’m a qualified Cabinet Maker and Leading Hand. This team has grown heaps in my time, and my next plan is to learn joinery design and drafting using Cabinet Vision.

Kynan Noonan – Leading Hand

I left school after Year 11 and began volunteering at a joinery to see what it was like. After a few months of that, I applied to become a Cabinet Maker at Kubale Constructions. Normally the Cert 4 in Cabinet Making takes 3 years, but I wanted it done quickly so completed my coursework 12 months early. After another 6 months, Kubale management assessed me, and I received my qualification. It was during this time that we introduced CNC routing, automatic edge-banding, sheet feeding and Cabinet Vision.

The learning was intense, but we’re much more efficient now … and our quality has remained excellent. Once our team began to grow with new contracts, I was promoted to Leading Hand and now have several apprentices to look after. I prefer to be onsite doing installation, that’s my favourite. Next, I want to do more study here and learn design, drafting and CAD.

I’ve made a few good mates through work that I catch up with socially, so I’m happy coming to work every day. It feels like you get treated equally here, by everyone, so it’s an awesome place to be.

I feel extremely lucky to be employed by a company who is not only supportive of my career, growth, and personal development, but a company who is so very passionate about our team, culture, safety, and diversity.

Debbie Standfield – Administration Manager

I interviewed at Kubale Constructions after returning from 4 years in the mining companies of WA. They were looking for someone to build their admin team and I wanted a better work/life balance. Arguably the role was big and too soon for me, but they trusted me, and I could see the potential for my career. I began as an Admin Officer, and began to digitise our processes and document our procedures. I'm very detail oriented, and I was given the scope to make change and decisions. My experience in the mines was invaluable, but I needed to learn a lot from my manager about commercial construction too.

Now I'm very proud that I'm Admin Manager and have helped build the team over time. We now administer 300% of the volume of business compared to when I arrived. The admin team is now very sharp and efficient, but there's lots more to do. I think the best part of my role is helping my younger staff grow themselves.

I've recently completed my 10 years with Kubale Constructions. I got an awesome award, hand-made gift and I'm now eligible for profit share! It's such a team and family culture here … not only have I developed my skills and career, I've married and had two children along the way which happened through job sharing, working from home, and short periods of leave. Kubale staff even came to my wedding, Kubale staff celebrated the arrival of my beautiful kids, and I look forward to all the dinners and celebrations to come.


We’ve tried hard to capture in a phrase…what is now simply part of our culture. To reward staff, we go beyond the usual employment entitlements. Our KC Benefits+ program incentivises staff to develop their skills, to seek responsibility, and to lead others by raising the bar. The program also rewards those who show loyalty to our team and clients with significant financial incentives tied to our shared profitability.

Benefits can include:

  • Assisted tertiary study, or workplace training and certificates
  • Professional career planning and internal promotion
  • ‘Mates Rates’ on materials and equipment use
  • Personal loans for work related expenses
  • Regular catered company social events
  • Profit share for longevity
  • Much more…
Shelbey, Cert 3 Business Administration
"I couldn’t afford to study without working, so being able to complete my traineeship while employed was really helpful. I get along with my colleagues really well, and its great that we all enjoy socialising together outside of work hours."
Shelbey, Cert 3 Business Administration

Positive Mental Health in Construction

Over the past 20 years, an average of over 200 construction workers have died by suicide in Australia each year*. What’s concerning is that the average age of construction workers that die from suicide in Australia is dropping.

Young life can be tough, and our working environment can be a major contributor to mental health…both for good and bad. Kubale Constructions sees mental health as a critical OH&S concern. We’re taking every effort and opportunity to talk about mental health, defy negative industry stereotypes and encourage our staff to feel safe in expressing concern.

We believe your work-mates can play an important role in feeling good about yourself, and we can look out for each other and act as early warnings for those we feel are at risk of self-harm. So we’re involved with organisations which both promote positive mental health, and support for those who’ve lost a friend or family member to suicide.

Mindful Aus does just that, and we support their cause and contribute both financially and strategically to their operations. We care for our staff, and rely on Mindful Aus to help educate and support our team members in a program of visitations, mental health first-aid training, and connections.

And if suicide does occur, the Jesuit Services program, Support After Suicide, is a tremendous resource for those left grieving. Kubale Constructions is a monthly donor to the program and we value the role they play.

Mindful AusSupport After Suicide

Join Us

Join Kubale Constructions now and build your career as we build for our clients.

Enjoy the benefits of training, mentoring, construction challenges and a great regional lifestyle while your opportunities grow. We run a fast paced, youthful culture where initiative, leadership and performance are rewarded. We’ll always make room for the best, so you’re invited to contact us about roles available within our team or to introduce yourself.

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